Let us create something special for you!

Let us create something special for you!

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* Online marketing

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Website set-up

Things to consider when you are running a website:-

1) Domain name: The name of your website should be relevant and memorable.

2) Regular updates: It is most important to update regularly on your website for getting more visitors.

3) About us section: This section of website includes your vision, mission and goals. Do not write something based on your personal thoughts.

4) Social media links: Direct links to associated social media profiles grab more attention of people and make your website look more credible but do not add your personal profile here.

5) Contact section: To get easy and quick response from the visitors.

6) Feedback: Feedback and best replies to all the potential website visitors is must.

Essentials of effective content

Essentials of effective content:-
1) Orientation: It should be goal- oriented.

2) Colour strategy: Selection of appropriate colour palette.

3) Graphics: Selection of relevant images and graphics.

4) Research: Research about the content subject.

5) Presentation: Coordinated presentation of results.

6) Facts & logic: Inclusion of important facts & logics to make it easily comprehensive.