Communication & business growth

Communication plays an important role in the growth of business. A business owner needs to communicate with his teammates, employees, shareholders, customers and the other businesses.

Requirement of communication:-

A constant, strong and supportive communication system helps in;

* Better coordination

* Flow of information

* Proper management of resources

* Timely completion of work

* Better professional relations

* Solutions of grievances

* Strengthen productivity

* Building trust among employees and customers

Objectives of communication:-

A business should emphasize on these points to make communication effective:-

* Proper vocabulary

* Point to point (P2P) communication

* Instant response

* Constant updates

* Proper and precise information

* No superlatives

* Convincing ideology

* Decency & politeness

These all helps in business expansion and growth. They brings new opportunities for the business.


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Keys to success

People think they should:-

Wake up early

Exercise regularly

Maintain a daily routine


Build professional relations

Create a team

Acquire skills

To be successful.

However, few of us know that we need these all to maintain and maximize our success.

At the initial stage, when people just start or think about starting a business they should consider the following points:-

Self determination

Short term goals

Creative method of working

Minimum investment

Consistency of actions

★ ‘Do it yourself’ mindset

Experimentation & learning

(Own business idea, own working methods, less investment, daily goals, work hard, learn something new daily, keep changing plans & procedures if it is needed and the most important thing try to do various tasks own especially in the initial phase of business.)

When the person gets desired results from his actions; ability of time management, balancing lifestyle and enthusiasm for learning new skills comes own.


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Starting a start-up

It takes a lot of time, efforts and planning to start a new business. People usually do profound research before making investment in assets.

What do we consider about before starting a business:-

  • Finance
  • Market trends
  • Risk management
  • Profit

These all are crucial factors for a business. Profit making is the prime object of any business but sometimes we ignore many other important things that can help us in growing business.

What should be considered before starting a business:-

  • Why people will buy/use my product/service?
  • What makes my business different from others?
  • Would I use/buy these services/products for myself?

A business personnel should be determined on these ethics:-

  • Priority on customer satisfaction
  • Honest thinking
  • Believe on “Do it yourself”
  • Personalized strategy for every client
  • No time limit for work
  • Absolute dedication
  • Sharing of profits and achievements

A perfect blend of proper strategy and credible attributes can give a boost to the business. This is the key to make profit in the business.