Mistakes of business owners regarding social media

Our M.S Media team visited many professional and business websites & linked social media accounts from around the world. We found few common mistakes business owners do unknowingly, today we are going to discuss them.


Websites are really important for the businesses to connect with the clients/customers on digital platform. We made few points for making websites better:-

  • Presentation:-

Presentation contains beautiful graphics and website design. Website shouldn’t take too much time to open.

  • Information:-

A good website should contain all informations about the business and its vision & mission but not false commitments.

  • ‘About us’ section:-

This is a crucial part of every website. Many business owners add ‘I am’ or discuss about prices in the section. This is not professional at all.

  • Communication:-

Complaints and queries of the visitors should be answered as soon as possible but do not ask them frequently for further response.

  • SEO:-

Many business owners hire a professional agency for search engine optimization but a business can do this own with the help of knowledge regarding latest trends, appropriate keywords and techniques.

Social media accounts:-

Social media brings many new opportunities and customers for the business. Hence, a business needs to update its all associated accounts on social media regularly.

  • Separate identity:-

A business has a separate identity from its owner. We found few business owners add business website to their personal social media accounts. This is not justified especially for a product oriented business.

  • Effective content:-

Quality of content matters a lot on digital platforms. Subject matter should be useful, informative and convenient to understand.

  • Follower/customer:-

A business needs to understand that not every follower is its customer. So, every business should emphasize on gaining customers not on the number of followers.

  • Different strategies:-

Each medium of social media has its own criteria of working. Businesses should make different strategies for each professional profile as according to the needs.

  • Creativity:-

Creative and unique ideas are the bonus for a business strategy. It is not bad to create ways to interact/connect with the target people.

(We hope this article will be helpful for our readers. We’d love to know your feedback.)


M.S Media

Changes in technology

Why a business needs to update its strategy according to the changes in technology?

Nothing stays forever. In business world, the degree of competition changing with every passing moment.

Effects of changes on business:-

There are many factors affect the business from outside and from inside. In most cases, business face challenges by loss or being out of race. It takes time and efforts to identify the causes behind it.

Technological changes and business strategy:-

Technological changes primarily affect the long-term strategy of business. Although, business consider all factors before the implementation of planning but few changes come suddenly.

Hence, A business should keep its eyes on the changes and flexibility in the strategy to cope easily with all challenges and changes.


M.S Media

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